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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Well here's the last day of 2013. Hope your year was good and this post finds you in good health. Audionautix has gone through some big changes this year, a complete revamp in February and now with a search engine. The site got overloaded and we got "shut down" because of all the traffic! Yes, I panicked.

But we have a server for the content now, and thanks to generous people in the world, and the donation button, we have been able to keep going. As long as the site pays for itself, we are happy to give people free music. Here's hoping you reach, or get closer to YOUR goals in the coming year. What will 2014 hold? That's the mystery and the adventure isn't it? Personally I am striving for more love and peace in my heart and being able to send that energy out into the world every day.

jason shaw