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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Boy This One is a Mess!!

What do you get when you mix Disco, Rock, and Be-bop? Well, a Hot Mess of course. Still, it's not as bad as when you mix liquor and beer. Now THAT's a hot mess. Eeeewwwww. TMI!

Am I on a roll or what here? Hey, let's face it. I've been slacking. Time to cover some ground. Remember, If you want some special music, now would be the time to ask, because, I'm on a roll. Or did I say that already?

Merry Christmas early!


1 comment:

Ken said...

Hardly a mess.

Who says you can't go different places in a song?

I call it multifaceted and fun.

I'm bobbing my head while pogoing on one leg.

My dog is looking at me funny.