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Monday, February 11, 2013

The newly revamped website is up and running. You can browse music by tempo, mood and genre! As always, the music is free. Nothing to sign up for. We
don't even ask for an email. 

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A Rowland said...

Hi Jason,
Your music is a great resource and I often use pieces as background music when recording magazines for the blind.
The new site looks great and makes it easy to search for music, though I would still like the ability to search for titles.

There are still a few things to tweak. Excuse my replying publicly here, but could not find your contact details.

1. If nothing is found, there is no indication that the search worked at all. A message like 'No titles found. Try reducing the number of filters' would help.

2. Text at bottom:' All music in this online collection created by Jason Shaw Released under Creative Commons License 3.0.' I assume that is two sentences or 'and' is missing.

3. Quite a few problems which I assume are because of legacy issues with tags. For example:
- Aggressive and Agressive
- Uplifting and Uplifiting
- Suspense and Suspenseful
- Meditative is a mood, not a genre
- Slow Solo Piano is not a mood
- Midtempo Serious and Mid Tempo - are tempos
- Symphony is not a good description for the two Christmas carols in this category.

4. The number of tags can be reduced. I cannot usefully tell the different between the tags in these groups:
- Calming / Relaxing / Soothing
- Bright / Uplifting
- Upbeat / Bouncy (join this group with the previous one?)
- Sad / Melancholy
- Action / Driving / Energy
- should Dark join Suspense or Sad?
- Mysterious / Suspense (?)
- Epic / Dramatic (?)
- I am not hip enough to know what Grooving sounds like -- Upbeat, perhaps?

Thanks again for your great work.