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Monday, February 23, 2015

Want a way to find out the latest pieces that are added to Now there's a new page on the site called NEW STUFF. What a great name, huh? We sat around all day working on that one.

There, you'll see the latest 20 tracks added to And you can instantly tell if we're being lazy slobs or not. Wait...maybe this isn't such a great idea... :) 

check it out here:



and if you like the website, PLEASE for Pete's sake (who's Pete?) share it with somebody!!



Tom Bradley said...

Love your music, Jason. It's a breath of fresh air compared to all the ukulele, whistling, and hand clapping pablum out there!

I've got bookmarks to all the "players" in licensable music for film and video, but I can waste hours trying to find something that works for me on those sites. I come to Audionautix and it seems like every track works for me.

I clicked on my bookmark to your site the other day and it came back with a 404 Not Found error. I was totally sad that you had gone offline. Must have been a temporary glitch. So glad it was!


mark slade said...

hi, i tried to get in touch with you on facebook message. i posted the music i am using on my audio dramas. the theme to a show i am doing called blood noir which has my brother's guitar work laid over your music heavy bass n drums. When my other show black water crusaders go up i'll send you the link to it.

mark slade said...


Snooks.chris said...

Thanks for creating this site- simple to use for beginners. I was looking for background music for some home videos and found some lovely acoustic guitar music. Was also looking for bossa nova music but there was none. I found Sideways Samba and added it to my home video which I tried to save for personal use on Facebook but found that Facebook notified that my video could not be saved as the music is also called Daiquiri Time by Francia Jazzline Orchestra. I added the credit in the description as music by, as indicated on your site but FB would not allow me to save it in my video album as it seems the music may belong to someone else. May I request you to check and update your music list accordingly, if appropriate? Thanks in advance.

Juan said...

In my youtube channel there is a company that makes claims by copyright for using audios of your web page, are the real owners?

Here the original text:

"A copyright owner has claimed content that appears on your video through Content ID.

This is just a warning
Do not panic. You have not gotten into any mess and your account has not been affected.

One of two: either your ads show ads whose revenue is received by the copyright owner, or the owner receives the statistics for the video views.

Video title: 9 Love Phrases To Dedicate
Content with copyright: Psalms Book 4 Chapter 94
Author of the claim: ONErpm "