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Friday, January 15, 2016

Let us know what pieces you're using!!

Post a link to your project here so the world can enjoy it!!


Lior Avidov said...

Hey Jason,

How can I get in touch with you directly to license some of your pieces?

Jason Shaw said...

All audionautix pieces are licenced via CREATIVE COMMONS 3.0 and are free to use in any project without further permission. PLease either credit us, or provide a link to our website.

Patricia said...

Hi Jason,

I'm using your Cool Ride track on youtube, really like it. I need a longer track, about 30 minutes. Do you have Cool Ride in a longer version or something similar?

Thanks a lot!

Jason Shaw said...

30 minutes is a loooooooong time!!

Patricia said...

Yes it is, any music could become boring. I'm thinking of other options. Thanks!

Dana Kathrin Tomic said...

Dear Jason,
Thank you so much for your music!
I was searching for a country stile music track for my already existing presentation and I found your Mountain Sun, and the music was such a perfect fit that I literally did not have to change ANYTHING in my existing video cut or in the music. It felt very very creepy but in a great way. You can check it at
Thank you so much again!
Best regards,

Abstractart Ofcolorado said... thanks for the awesome music

April Edwards said...

I found your "Running Waters" and "River Meditation" just perfect for my project for our SCA Kingdom (Medieval recreation group in the Southeast USA)

Thank you very much for offering such a great resource.

Robber Docks said...

Used "Big Swing Band" for a small video Made With Unity used for my upcoming game Sheepwith:

In Facebook:

And in Instagram:

Brian Stempien said...

We're a small independent games studio. Just to be 100% clear, all that is needed for commercial use would be credit given (which we would have done anyway)?

Serena Carss said...

Hi jason, are you allowed to add lyrics to your music, and then be added to my video? any help greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Andreassalsa said...

Hi Jason i used two of your tracks for my short film about the Neckar river in Heidelberg Germany.

You can see it here:

Thank you for your Music!!!!

Fotofan4life said...

Hi Jason, I encountered your acoustic guitar music while view another person's YouTube video (Morningstar Mill, Decew Falls, Ontario) and appreciate your enjoyable range of compositions.

I've incorporated some in my recent YouTube videos including "Wellesley 1856 Gristmill Postcard", viewable at

Thank you for sharing your music.

Duane Atchley said...
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John GoodMan said...

Hi Jason,

I was hoping to obtain a midi file of your Rubix Cube piece if possible, or a midi of just the lead synth voice. Even sheet music would be a big help.

Thanks for your time and effort!

Yummy Yumz said...

Hi Jason, thanks for nice music... i have used it my youtube video...

yummy yumz channel

Chris Taylor said...
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Chris Taylor said...

Thank you Jason for a quality music resource.

I used "Hot Mess" in this Hummingbird video

One Minute of Hummingbirds

I used "United We Groove" in this video

One More Minute of Hummingbirds

NOGRS Admin said...


You have wonderful talents and an excellent assortment of GPL licensed offerings. I belong to a non-profit model train club and we have used your "Pendulum Waltz" for our latest video. Thank you so much for your work, as it makes our video really "pop!"

William Adkins
Webmaster, NOGRS

Pál Szabadkai said...

Hi Jason!

Thank you for your fantastic job!
I'd like to use one of your songs (Whatdafunk) for a short video about an event.
Can I loop only a short snippet from it or is it forbidden to modify the orginal this way?


George G. Hoffman said...
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George G. Hoffman said...

Hi Jason, thanks for your work on music tracks. I used Walk in the Park on my speed drawing video and wanted to make sure the attribution was ok. I also donated to your "cup of coffee!"


David Owens said...

Thank you Jason for Egyptian Crawl on this new video in favor of donating hair for kids. Bald is the New Bold :)

Duane Atchley said...

A few radio spot productions that use your music as perfect background at

I've been thinking that if I develop and post any more spots using your music, I should consider dedicating an area of my business website as "The Jason Shaw Collection".

Thanks for the help. As I've noted in our previous correspondence...if I ever get someone to pay me for this stuff, I'll make additional contributions to your coffee fund.

Studio A Voice, LLC

What the Fish? said...

Jason I used one of your tracks on a YouTube video of mine. I credited you in the description and linked to the URL for the track. I'm curious if there is any other way you would like recognition for your work? I don't make any money from my channel yet but I believe in giving credit where it is due, so I just want to extend my gratitude for allowing us youtubers to use your music and to see if there is any other way I can show you my appreciation.

What the Fish? said...

I forgot to mention it was "Solo Acoustic Guitar that I used on the video I linked below. Thanks again and all my best for a very successful and healthy life.


M.R. Chartier said...

Hello, We are using the song YourSoZany for a segment in a YouTube video. I was looking for something with the same feeling as Yakety Sax and this was similar. I have added a link to the site and attributed the video in the description. Thank you very much.

Unknown said...

This my channel :
I would like to use free music for my channel from this site

Piotr_Z said...

Thanks for music. I used "Long Live Death" in short animation